We all know that that no one ever has enough time in our busy lives to get an opportunity to read everything that we would like to read.  We decided that we would help you out a bit and try to classify our content by significance to the Imaging Industry:
  • Business as usual
  • Evolutionary
  • RevolutionaryI
  • Transformative
If This Happens...
This Will Impact
business-as-usualNo major business impact, it's important (or else we wouldn't write about it), but it doesn't change the businessDo not expect major changesTypically more tactical activities - not typically a strategic issue
evolutionaryIndicates shifts in the markets, customer bases, or technologies – but non-disruptive, changing over time.
It will drive long term change, but not in the near term.Typically a more strategic level issue - long term impact.
revolutionaryThis is a significant change in the business from a market or competitive perspective. Often a sudden change.
Expect disruption to the business significant potential for profit impact.Competitive positions, strategic plans, financial performance - Near term.
transformativeA disruptive change which impacts the core business model and fundamentals associated with how the business operates.
Expect significant industry change, and shifts in competitive positions.Everything - financial planning, strategy, tactical execution.

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