Board of Directors

ed-crowley-COLOR-2Edward Crowley
President and CEO, Photizo Group

Edward Crowley has more than 20 years of experience in the hardcopy industry, including key leadership positions at QMS, DataProducts and Lexmark. Most recently Crowley was the senior manager for global marketing and product strategy in Lexmark’s PS&SD Division. Crowley is a board member of the MPSA and a speaker at conferences worldwide on the topics of brand strategy, the hardcopy markets, and marketing strategy and intelligence.

Since establishing Photizo Group, a consulting and market intelligence firm dedicated to creating winning client strategies and execution, in 2006, he has successfully worked with OEMs and industry suppliers to develop winning and sustainable competitive strategies. In addition, he is an advisor to global enterprises such as World Bank as they look to optimize their print fleets and lower costs through outsourcing. Most recently Mr. Crowley has been pioneering the use of Predictive Analytics in order to help major manufacturers optimize their operations, reduce service costs, and maximize uptime.

Crowley has succeeded in establishing a list of blue-chip clients (including the top 14 printer, copier and MFP vendors), established the highly-acclaimed MPS Insights Journal, created a daily news service and Web site for the managed print services industry, initiated the Managed Print Services Association, produced successful MPS Conferences around the globe, provided over 80 reports and forecasts for the MPS industry, and positioned Photizo Group as the preeminent expert in the imaging market. Crowley has been instrumental in developing concepts and frameworks accepted as industry standards in Managed Print Services (MPS), including the Hybrid Dealer Model, Services Transformation Framework, and the MPS Customer Adoption Models. In addition he led his firm from being a start-up to being recognized with a MPSA Leadership award for three years (2011, 2012, and 2014) in addition to being on the Inc 5000 list two years in a row (2012 and 2013).

RAYphoto2014L. Raymond Moncrief
Executive Vice President at Kentucky Highlands Investment Corporation

Ray has held various positions within Kentucky Highlands Investment Corporation (KHIC) since 1984 and is the former Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. He is President and CEO of Mountain Ventures, Inc., a Small Business Investment Corporation (SBIC) licensed by the U. S. Small Business Administration and a wholly-owned subsidiary of KHIC. He is also President and CEO and a board member of Southern Appalachian Management Company, LLC, the General Partner of the Southern Appalachian Fund, L.P., a NMVC company. He is also President and a board member of Eclipse Management, LLC, the General Partner of Meritus Ventures, L.P., a RBIC.

President George W. Bush appointed Ray to the Community Development Advisory Board, a national board advising the director of the CDFI Fund on policies regarding activities and programs.

Mr. Moncrief served on the Board of Directors of the National Consumer Cooperative Bank located in Washington DC for six years and the Board of Directors of Capital Impact Partners for six years. Mr. Moncrief is a founding director and is currently the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Appalachian Community Capital, Inc. He is also a founding director and is currently Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Community Development Venture Capital Alliance (CDVCA).

In March 2004 Ray was honored with a special Lifetime Achievement Award by CDVCA and in 2012 he was awarded the National Association of Seed and Venture Funds Lifetime Achievement in Seed Investing Award.

Mr. Moncrief has traveled nationally and internationally speaking about the use of equity investment as an economic development strategy. He has participated in several study groups analyzing capital needs in rural areas including an economic roundtable at the White House.

frank-stefansson-COLORFrank A. Stefansson, Jr.

Frank Stefansson has more than 35 years of experience in IT industry market research, publishing, consulting, and events. He is currently an independent business and marketing consultant, providing strategic and operational advice and services to early-stage firms.

Previously, Mr. Stefansson served as Photizo Group’s Chief Operating Officer from 2012 to 2014, responsible for the firm’s day-to-day operations. He currently serves on Photizo’s Board of Directors. Prior to Photizo, he was a principal at Lyra Research, serving as CEO from 2000 to 2012 and as Executive VP from 1994 to 2000. Previously, he was VP of Marketing and Sales at BIS Strategic Decisions, responsible for promotion and sales of that firm’s numerous journals, publications, conferences, and trade shows.